COST: France has a bit of a reputation for being an expensive shoot destination. Social charges on French technicians may be a bit higher than in neighboring countries, but the fact is that there are many solutions for making it possible to produce quality films here, without compromising on service.

WEATHER: 300 days of sunshine per year and a quality of light that Master Painters raved about. Summer can get very hot. Spring and Autumn are best. Winter should absolutely NOT be ruled out.

TRAVEL: 2 hours flight time from all London airports and over 20 flights per day. Nowhere is more accessible. Cannes and Monaco are less than 1 hour’s drive from Nice Airport, St Tropez or The Southern Alps can easily be reached in less than 2.

LOCATIONS: The South of France is renowned for the ultimate glamour and timeless elegance of the Côte d’Azur (hotels, casinos, villas, yachts, coastal roads), but it also offers the rustic charm of its back hills, provincial villages, secluded beaches & creeks, National parks & forests and, of course, the Southern Alps. The diversity of stunning locations is rich and astonishing.

LOCAL FACILITIES: There has been an active film industry since the construction of the Victorine Studios in the 1920’s. The studios have been recently modernised and host a 1st class construction crew. On top of this, some of the country’s finest technicians now live down here. Panavision are among our local suppliers. The standard here is very high. Lunch breaks last one hour, not longer.